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Want to customize your Windows desktop with a different look? Cheông xã out the best free Windows 7 themes you can use.

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You're running your Windows desktop. The first thing you want is customization. How can you customize your Windows desktop?

Microsoft includes a bunch of Windows themes with each operating system. If you don't lượt thích the mặc định operating system thiết kế options, kiểm tra out the best miễn phí Windows 7 themes for your operating system.

windows 10 themes for windows 7 large
Why not bring modernity to your Windows 7 installation? The Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7 switches out the mặc định Windows 7 theme for the lachạy thử visual array from Microsoft.

In all honesty, this is an excellent representation of Windows 10. The Start Menu, File Explorer, and taskbar are almost an exact replication of Windows 10. However, the detail between the two operating system versions makes it hard to determine which one is which, even down to lớn the System Tray icons.

The Windows 10 Theme for Windows 7 also updates your Control Panel, Start Menu icons, wallpapers, và much more.

macos catalina skin for windows 7
If Windows 10 isn't your thing, but you want a modern look, you could try a macOS Catalimãng cầu theme for Windows 7. The macOS Catalina SkinPaông xã theme brings the crisp lines & soft aesthetic of the macOS lớn your Windows 7 machine.

What's nice about the macOS Catalina SkinPaông xã theme for Windows 7 is the icons. The theme designers have sầu made sure the icons match the macOS version and include the iconic macOS doông chồng (which works!). The macOS SkinPaông chồng also moves your taskbar to the top of the screen, true khổng lồ macOS style, and changes the File Explorer to match the theme, too.

You still keep the same Windows 7 functionality but with a sleek macOS vibe.

Of course, if neither macOS nor Windows 10 are your cup of tea, you could also opt to skin Windows 7 with the lakiểm tra & greathử nghiệm from Microsoft. That's right, there is a Windows 11 skin for Windows 7, and it looks pretty good. It isn't an entirely faithful recreation of Windows 11, và as you might expect, there are a few workarounds to get various features working properly. However, the overall aesthetic of the Windows 11 Theme for Windows 7 is stylish & will look fantastic on any Windows 7 machine with enough resources spare.

translucent for windows 7
TransLucent is a minimadanh sách theme for Windows 7 that strips back the operating system. It uses thiết kế elements from macOS and the core Windows 7 operating system to blend a lightweight appearance with decent functionality.

For example, the taskbar switches khổng lồ the top of the screen but is made transparent to lớn give the illusion of extra space. Likewise, the icons are all small, again lớn create extra space. You'll also find the macOS dochồng at the bottom of the screen in the TransLucent theme, as well as tweaks khổng lồ fonts, kerning, icons, File Explorer, & more.

Overall, TransLucent is a great theme.

minimal trắng theme for windows 7

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Keeping with the minimacác mục theme, you can also strip Windows 7 bachồng inkhổng lồ a blank Trắng slate. The Minimal White Theme strips Windows 7 of any color, replacing any icons with blaông xã vector artwork, with suitably matching Windows 7 theme backgrounds.

The Minimal White Theme won't suit everyone's tastes. It is basic, to lớn say the least. However, if you want Windows 7 khổng lồ chiến bại the extra colors, this is the perfect option for you instead of the Windows 7 integrated black and trắng theme options (which are harsh in comparison).

If white isn't your cup of tea, why not try the Minimal Blachồng Theme from the same designer, arsonist1234.

Every Windows 7 theme menu needs a dark theme, maybe even more than one. The Tavaris Dark Theme fits the bill nicely, coming in two different flavors: Basic & Glass.

What's nice about the Tavaris theme is that it isn't pitch blachồng. The darkness comes from a nice shade of gray. The phông color isn't pure trắng either, so it doesn't glare. There are also updated font colors for menus và other parts of the File Explorer, helping the Tavaris Dark Theme blkết thúc seamlessly with Windows 7.

Tonic is another stylish Windows 7 theme. Great news for those that prefer darker tones: Tonic for Windows 7 comes in Light or Dark modes.

Regarding the theme itself, Tonic for Windows 7 introduces some nice changes to the File Explorer structure, as well as custom icons. You can also find the accompanying backgrounds on the linked page, too.

The Clean VS Windows 7 theme makes several visual changes lớn the operating system. My favorite bits include the slimline & transparent taskbar, which fits in well with the included background, and the custom ibé phối that overhauls the visual style of the operating system.

There are other handy changes to lớn the File Explorer, which is also slimmed down. Furthermore, the ibé changes don't stop with regular icons. For example, the Start Menu inhỏ changes into lớn a small right-angle of tiny squares, a significant departure from the regular Windows 7 Start Menu icon.

Placebo for Windows 7 is the last option on this danh mục, và it makes some significant visual changes lớn Windows 7. It introduces eight new visual styles lớn Windows 7, letting you fliông xã through each Placebo theme to lớn find the one the suits you. Better yet, the styles vary in color, tone, and direction.

Some Placebo visual styles use a contrast of colors to lớn help those with color blindness or other visual impairments. Others cater lớn those looking for a Windows 7 dark theme, using bright color highlights khổng lồ give sầu your eyes some welcome rest.

The Placebo for Windows 7 theme set includes borderless versions, tư vấn for top, left, and bottom taskbar placement, plus additional fonts.

Windows 7 Rainmeter Customization

Another great option for customizing Windows 7 is Rainmeter. Rainmeter is a comprehensive customization tool for Windows that lets you add interactive wallpapers, widgets, buttons, meters, & much more.

Sounds interesting? Chechồng out our simple Rainmeter guide lớn get up & running. It has everything you need khổng lồ begin customizing your Windows 7 desktop. And if you want some inspiration, consider some of the best Rainmeter skins for a minimacác mục desktop kiến thiết.

What Is Your Favorite Windows 7 Theme?

Your desktop design & theme of your computer is a personal thing. The majority of Windows 7 themes on this menu come with a minimadanh mục edge. But there are lots of alternatives that you can find with extravagant backgrounds, crazy custom fonts & icons, và much more.

You should also note that some of the Windows 7 themes & styles require additional software. Each Windows 7 theme includes details of the extra software you need lớn tải về & install before using the theme.

The 10 Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop A new Windows 10 theme gives your computer a fresh look for không tính phí. Here are the best Windows themes và how to apply them.

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